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LIGHT manifests as particles (photons) and as electromagnetic energy (waves). All living cells emit biophotons and absorb photons from the environment. Photons are carriers of information.

LIght examples of mushrooms in the dark , and hand prints photons and laser

This subtle light emitted by the living cells is identical to the laser light, a very coherent light.

The entire human evolution is shaped by light and colors. We react instinctively and instantly to colors and light. Recently the neurologist Norman Shealy demonstrated that short irradiation with specific colors causes a steep rise in the production of noradrenaline, serotonin, beta-endorphin, melatonin, oxytocin, gonad liberin, cholinesterase, DHEA growth hormone, and neuro-active enzymes. Light is one of the most effective biological modulators. There is no substitute for light!! The light is changing the world and keeps us healthy and safe on this planet. The discovery of low-level lasers (LLL) opened a new panacea door.

Recent R & D studies show that low-level laser (LLL) and LED’s simultaneous application significantly increases overall-wellness. Newly developed modulation methods of laser beams stimulate the production of melatonin and endorphins, activating the immune system, self-healing potential, and rejuvenation.

Modern laser therapy instruments are nowadays much more effective than 10 years ago. Nature has known this special light we call LASER today; the cells transform the biochemical energy from metabolic processes into photons (ATP, ADP).

Light transports the information inside the cells and intercellular; thus, light is a messenger; in our body, the nerves are the power lines, about 70000 km of “biological cables” secure this biocommunication, a vital life network.

Photobiological cellular stimulation sounds like “Star Trek” medicine — something out of the future that seems too far-fetched to exist in today’s world. However, photons are a reality, and today photobiological stimulation is poised to become an essential technology in medical practice for the years to come. This powerful, effective, safe, and affordable technology is revolutionizing the healthcare and wellbeing industry.

We offer highly efficient and top-quality combined photon and laser devices synergistically working with scalar waves, all modulated with the sun noise and Schumann frequency; these multiple radiant systems are efficient, quick, and exceptional complex in their wellbeing stimulation

  • Medical Photon System (MPS 912)
  • 3D Hyper Photon Therapy (3D HPT)
  • Ultracompact Laser Disc (ULD 117)
  • Eyes FIT 915
  • Magic Therapy Disc (UBS 315)
  • Biospheres Optimization System (BOS 318 and BOS 518)