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Integration instead of separation, systemic functional biofeedback instead of symptoms suppression, a new integrative approach with spectacular benefits. Our body is like a birds’ flock, which always acts in UNITY, and when needed, changes direction rapidly, preserving the well-functioning cellular communication. This is the auto-regulative process, keeping us alive.  This process is fundamentally superordinate to all biochemical processes. The body can only resonate with transmitted signals if it is receptive to those signals. Impulses must be exactly in the correct frequency, amplitude, phase, and range to have intended healing effects without risks and side effects.

Pathology appears when long-term stressors limit or hinder the self-regulation processes; chronic conditions may present focal symptoms, but pathology is distributed throughout the whole matrix of connective tissue. When the matrix is toxic, information signals do not travel accurately between cells and organs; you are getting sick. To enjoy well-being requires a successful restoration of the matrix to full competence.

Bioresonance, or biofeedback rebalancing technology, is an all-encompassing assessment modality utilizing the patient’s own “ultra-fine electromagnetic oscillations.

Advanced integrative systemic functional biofeedback devices come with many sophisticated features. After completing the scan procedure to identify the disturbing vibrations, the patient is stimulated with different frequencies and information to consolidate the autoregulation and regenerate the connective tissue matrix. Kindling Easy is a unique, fully automated assessment and biofeedback stimulative system with numerous benefits and modalities, including customized remedies.

Kindling Easy: Systemic Functional Bioresonance