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Aquatone and Triomed are third-generation bioenergetic devices working with radio frequencies radiating at very subtle low energy levels; the amazing wellbeing benefits are due to the bioresonance between the emitted frequencies and the living cells containing over 75% water. Radio waves structure and synchronize with the oscillating movement of water clusters (a cluster is a group of water molecules). Radiofrequency energy is used in medicine, e.g., MRI and RFA.

AQUATONE and TRIOMED  - Radio Wave Resonance Images

Radio waves and water molecule resonance

All biochemical processes are resonating and harmonizing with the water clusters. This kind of stimulation is beneficial for plants, pets, humans. Both devices act through over 75% of water molecules in the human body. Additionally, Triomed is enhancing the cellular membrane permeability, and like this, nutrients are better penetrating in the cells, and the metabolites are easily being excreted. This is an essential process of connective tissue cleansing. Triomed also acts on the individuals’ close environment by harmonizing the life frequencies and creating a harmonious environment. This also has the effect of attenuating the electrosmog. Both devices together are synchronizing their actions and enhancing wellbeing.

CLINICAL STUDIES: More than 150 scientific works and clinical studies, numerous dissertations, and Long-term projects throughout Russia, EU, China, Australia

AQUATONE DEVICES:  We offer Aquatone Professional, The Allrounder

TRIOMED DEVICES: We offer Triomed CGI, The Harmonizer